The VertiMobile goggles allow the recording of eye movements without the need for a PC, making this the ideal bedside testing device.

Recordings are linked to tasks and stored in the device, after which they can be played back or transferred to VertiPACS for further analysis. This device goes beyond the capabilities of the classic Frenzel goggles by remembering the head position and enabling eye tracking.

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The ideal device for bedside testing

Using VertiMobile frees the user from carrying large equipment around. It’s ideal for performing a quick gaze test or BPPV maneuvers with additional recording of the eye movements. The ability to play back right away allows the operator to assess the eye movements without the need for contortions.

Improved utility when used in combination with VertiPACS.

VertiMobile is integrated in VertiPACS, the ultimate solution for diagnosing dizziness and vertigo. The app can send its recordings wireless to VertiPACS where they can be analyzed, displayed and printed or send over the internet.

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